1. How do I apply the IdeaStix®?
Clean & dry the surface. Peel self-adhesive IdeaStix ® from the backing and just press
firmly on the surface and you’re done.

2. Can I attach the IdeaStix® onto surfaces other than tiles?
Yes, it will apply onto almost all non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tile, porcelain,
Formica, glass, mirror, plastic, metal and fiberglass.

3. I take a very hot shower. Will IdeaStix® withstand the hot steam when it’s attached to
the shower tile?
Yes, IdeaStix® is heat, steam and water resistant.

4. Will the IdeaStix® stick onto the painted wall?
Yes, but the results will vary due to the thickness of IdeaStix products and porous nature of
painted wall. On-Demand products with new formula will stick better.

5. Can it be washed?
Absolutely, the surface can be washed with most household cleaning products. IdeaStix
works as protective barrier to keep the tile like new.

6. Will heat from the stove damage the IdeaStix if it’s applied onto the kitchen backsplash?
No, IdeaStix® is heat-resistant, so indirect heat from the gas or electric stove won’t damage
the product.

7. How do I remove an IdeaStix®?
Carefully lift the outer corners and gently lift from surface.

8. Can IdeaStix® individual accent pieces be put on the mug or glasses?
Yes, once it’s properly placed on mug, glass or non-porous plastic containers, it’s safe for
hand washing or the dishwasher. We recommend the IdeaStix Accents without embossing
for this feature.

9. What about microwave?
It is also safe for microwave ovens, once the IdeaStix ® is properly attached to the mug,
glass or non-porous plastic containers that are microwave safe. We recommend the IdeaStix
Accents without embossing for this feature.

10. Can IdeaStix® be placed outside of house?
Although the adhesive can withstand the weather, it is primarily for indoor decoration.

11. Is IdeaStix® Non-Toxic?
Yes, it is safe to use with mugs, glasses and non-porous plastic containers as described in
#8 and #9.

13. Can you write on Ideastix®?
Absolutely, it can be used as Label for mugs, glasses, non-porous plastic containers for
lunch, etc. We recommend the IdeaStix Accents without embossing for this feature.