Heat&Water Resistant

Give your kitchen tile backsplash and other areas a makeover it deserves…quickly and inexpensively. IdeaStix offers unique ways to give any kitchen a facelift with a variety of product lines with colorful design images. Take advantage of great features such as heat, steam and water resistant as well as removable, reusable and washable. Get a […]

Having difficulty decorating a bathroom? IdeaStix offers a unique solution in giving a custom look to showers, tubs and sink areas with removable, reusable and washable features. Choose from a wide selection of designs in a variety of product lines that are heat, steam and water-resistant. Suitable Products are: IdeaStix Murals, IS Accents, SwitchStix, TileStix, […]

Is your switch plate too plain looking? IdeaStix offers beautiful yet removable products that are made especially for standard switch plates. SwitchStix are made of proprietary rubber-resin material that’s dimensional and unique in feel and functionality. Completely removable, reusable and washable, it would give just the right design touch. PrintStix Ultra and Canvas are one […]

Let’s create some excitement for bath and shower! Now, you can create small or large tile murals that are awesome and colorful, all without breaking the bank. IdeaStix Murals, Accents and single squares offer a unique and yet simple solution for bath and shower walls. Unlike paper or vinyl wall appliqués, IdeaStix products are made […]

IdeaStix products are so versatile that many of them can be used for your favorite craft projects. Turn your imagination into reality. IdeaStix Accents and DesignStix offer a special touch to make ordinary things beautiful. Use inkjet and laser printers to create exciting and uniquely your own custom products with PrintStix Ultra and Canvas. PrintStix […]

There are so many creative ways to use IdeaStix products. The versatility of IdeaStix Accent doesn’t just stop at decorating tiles and such but it can be used to decorate many household items. Use IdeaStix Accents to decorate Cups, Mugs, Plastic/Glass Containers. Write on IdeaStix to use them as labels. And don’t worry as IdeaStix […]